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20.9.06 17:48


 I really think this is cute. I wanna look like that again >_<"

7.9.06 17:27

If you look at this... maybe I'm going to be nyappy or shoppy again.
I am going to visit my friends in my big fantasy world...
6.9.06 19:45

YES, I was at school today... was really bad. HATE SCHOOL .... Also (like me!) AnMari-chan wasn't nyappy at all. She was so tired and aggressiv, like me *droppu*~

I am really going to HATE this stupid thing! It's really bad! ε-(=`皿´=)凸 I HATE HTML!~ And I want to have a pretty yaplog! (-__-)~ I feel so... aggressive right now!! Why doesn't my HTML work here? I have my own website with a TOTALLY PERFECT HTML-code made by myself!! So why doesn't it work here?!

6.9.06 19:39

But how do I get my entrys into an "iframe/frame"? Can anyone help?

5.9.06 18:25

こんにちわWelcome to my home.

I am so stupid! Or is just really, really GOOD. Because I don't know... how to make any layouts?! Maybe I'll learn. But it looks so. very very.. very....very... difficult. I feel so stupid (-_-) I want to have YapLog with these really cool standart-layouts. But... It looks like Yaplog doesn't work right now. Also, Ryohei-san's log doesn't work. So I'll wait. But about MyBlog layouts...

I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! Wanna help moi? (*_*) *blink*

5.9.06 17:11



 Finally, I got an account.


5.9.06 17:00

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